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Monday, May 20, 2024
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Sparsh CCTV enhances security at Ayodhya with AI-driven cutting-edge security technologies
Business | January 31, 2024 12:56:06 PM IST

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Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 31: In a significant leap towards enhancing security measures, Sparsh CCTV - a forefront leader in advanced surveillance proudly announces successful installation of Cyber Secured high-tech CCTV cameras at the iconic Key locations in Ayodhya. Numbers of cameras have been strategically placed at the Temple entrances, Ayodhya Dham railway station, car parking spaces and at key entry points into the city of Ayodhya. With an unwavering commitment to security, Sparsh's technology marks a significant stride in preserving the sanctity of this revered devotional site.

These cameras infused with artificial intelligence, transcend traditional surveillance and offer unparalleled precision with efficiency. The features include real-time Artificial Intelligence, facial recognition, behavior analysis, anomaly detection, automated alerts and ability to learn & adapt to changing environments for improved security and monitoring.

Face Recognition at the entrance and critical areas enhance security and streamline access with cutting-edge technology. These cameras are poised to revolutionize security by seamlessly integrating technology with tradition, ensuring a harmonious blend of cultural preservation and modern safety measures.

Ayodhya Dham Railway Station undergoes a remarkable technological transformation, boasting cyber-secured Sparsh CCTV cameras, advanced Video Management, AI Software, and Face Recognition for enhanced security and efficiency. Over the next three months, this system is projected to generate a comprehensive database of millions of faces, thereby enhancing security and streamlining passenger management at this key transportation hub.

Cameras installed at Ayodhya Railway Station are being streamed live to the War Room located in Rail Bhawan, New Delhi. War Room streaming was enabled in less than 6 hours after getting requirements from Railway Board officials just a day before the auspicious occasion.

Smart Parking Solutions with Number Plate Recognition - To address the growing parking challenges in Ayodhya, a sophisticated Parking Facility Management system has been implemented. This cutting-edge solution not only guarantees secure parking but also facilitates efficient traffic management throughout the city. A centralized management system has been established, connecting all parking lots to provide real-time availability updates. Additionally, an integrated PA system enables seamless real-time communication with each location.

Highway Entries Secured with Number Plate Recognition - Seven key highway entry points to Ayodhya have been fortified with the deployment of Number Plate Recognition cameras. This strategic measure ensures controlled and monitored access, contributing significantly to public safety, traffic regulation, and law enforcement efforts.

Global Announcements via 4G-Enabled PA Speakers - 4G-enabled Public Announcement (PA) speakers are installed at various key locations. This ground-breaking initiative enables authorities to make announcements remotely from anywhere in the world, ensuring efficient communication during routine operations and swift response capabilities during emergencies. This unique product was created in a day's time, when the requirement came that PA system had to be installed near Ram Mandir with no time to put cables, thus came the idea to put 4G enabled speakers.

Commenting on the development, Sanjeev Sehgal, Founder & MD - Sparsh said"It is an honor for us at Sparsh to be chosen as the preferred security and surveillance partner for Ayodhya. With our technologically-advanced AI-driven products, we will be able to safeguard and provide accurate data to ensure Ayodhya's safety and security not just today, but also in the future. This will enable us to stay ahead of emerging threats with a surveillance solution that not only sees, but also comprehends. Sparsh is the first Indian CCTV brand which has been operational since the last two decades and is dedicated to achieving PM's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat. We will continue to serve the country and make it safe, secure & a better place to live with made in India products & solutions which are innovative and technologically superior."

Team Sparsh has worked tirelessly to tailor robust solutions. This deployment underscores Sparsh's dedication to excellence, setting new benchmarks for surveillance technology.

About Sparsh

Sparsh CCTV, established in 2002, is a pioneer and leader in manufacturing Electronic Video Surveillance equipment in India. Its brand SPARSH has revolutionized the Indian security market by being India's first company to manufacture CCTV cameras in India in 2008 and now having global footprints. Sparsh has been an innovator in the Video Surveillance domain, developing and manufacturing a complete range of Video Surveillance products and solutions.

Sparsh is on the brink of inaugurating a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Saudi Arabia, thoughtfully designed in India and set to be manufactured in Saudi. Currently, Sparsh products are available in over 10 countries, and the company has a sister concern in the USA. Additionally, Sparsh has a strong presence in more than 150 cities across India, boasting 11 sales offices and 13 service centers.

The company takes pride in its three state-of-the-art manufacturing units, coming up with 4th one as Anchor Unit in Kashipur, Uttarakhand Electronics Manufacturing Cluster (EMC) with monthly capacity of 1 Million Cameras (One of the largest CCTV manufacturing facilities outside China) and one of the largest Video Surveillance Research and Development centers in the country duly recognized as In-House R&D Centre by Department of Science and Technology developing complete stack of Video Surveillance System involving Camera and Recorder Hardware, Embedded Software, System software (VMS) and Mobile Applications. Sparsh's focus on indigenous design and manufacturing of technologically advanced electronic security devices has not only elevated the company's reputation but has also placed India firmly on the international map.

(ADVERTORIAL DISCLAIMER: The above press release has been provided by PRNewswire. ANI will not be responsible in any way for the content of the same)


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