US to designate Antifa as terrorist organization: Trump

US | June 1, 2020 3:41:44 AM IST

Washington DC [USA], June 1 (Sputnik/ANI): The United States will be designating the far-left anti-fascist movement Antifa as a terrorist organization, President Donald Trump said on Sunday.

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Facebook employees speak up against no action on Trump post

San Francisco |Monday, 2020 6:45:05 PM IST

Several Facebook employees have come out in the open to protest the social media giant's stand on not taking action on a controversial post from US President Donald Trump about Minnesota protests.

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Trump briefly taken to WH bunker during protests

Washington |Monday, 2020 7:45:06 PM IST

US President Donald Trump was briefly moved to the White House bunker on the evening of May 29 as protests were being held near the White House against the death of an African-American man in police c

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Trump called Zuckerberg after Twitter flagged controversial tweets: Report

San Francisco |Monday, 2020 3:15:06 PM IST

With the White House and Twitter at war over flagging certain controversial tweets by Donald Trump, the US President and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg reportedly spoke on the phone and discussed how to

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Trump to include India, Russia, Australia, S.Korea in G7 (2nd Ld)

New Delhi/Washington |Sunday, 2020 5:15:06 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has decided to postpone the G7 summit till September and invite India, Russia, Australia and South Korea to discuss a plan on how to deal with the future of China among the 1

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Trump postpones G7 summit amid pandemic

Washington |Sunday, 2020 3:45:07 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has announced thay he would postpone the G7 Summit until September.

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Trump postpones G7 summit, wants to widen invitation list (Ld)

Washington |Sunday, 2020 4:45:06 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has announced he was postponing the G7 leaders' summit, adding it was "outdated" and that he would like to invite more countries to the meeting, including India.

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Twitter targets Republicans, allows China to spread lies: Trump

San Francisco |Saturday, 2020 1:45:06 AM IST

After issuing an executive order on social media, US President Donald Trump on Friday again accused Twitter of engaging in selective censorship, saying that the platform is "doing nothing about all of

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Trump blasts China over Hong Kong

Washington |Saturday, 2020 5:15:06 PM IST

US President Donald Trump said that Washington will no longer extend preferential treatment to Hong Kong in light of China's bid to exercise tighter control over the former British colony.

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Trump, Johnson discuss search for vaccine

London |Saturday, 2020 8:45:05 AM IST

US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the global response to coronavirus during a phone on Friday.

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We are terminating relationship with WHO: Trump

Washington |Saturday, 2020 7:45:05 AM IST

While addressing the breifing in the White House Rose Garden, US President Donald Trump said the US will be terminating relationship with the WOrld Health Organisation (WHO) right away.

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Taylor Swift's criticism of Donald Trump becomes her most-liked tweet ever

Los Angeles |Saturday, 2020 11:45:06 PM IST

Pop diva Taylor Swift slammed President Donald Trump on Twitter, and her post has become the singer's most-liked tweet ever.

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