Google AI can better predict lung cancer

San Francisco |Tuesday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST

A team of Google researchers has used a deep-learning algorithm to detect lung cancer accurately from computed scans.

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Google officially announces Glass Enterprise Edition 2

San Francisco |Tuesday, 2019 7:15:05 PM IST

Google is bringing the second edition of its eye-wearable device -- Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, with improved camera, USB-C type port and safety frames.

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What Google Android restrictions mean for Huawei

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2019 1:45:05 AM IST

After Samsung, Huawei has the biggest share in the global smartphone market but it now faces a huge challenge after Google barred the Chinese giant from some updates to the Android operating system.

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Google restricts Huawei's use of Android

Washington |Monday, 2019 2:45:05 PM IST

Google has cut phone maker Huawei off from some updates to the Android operating system, dealing a blow to the Chinese firm. New Huawei smartphones will also lose access to popular Google apps.

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Google limits Huawei's use of Android (Lead)

Washington |Monday, 2019 10:45:05 PM IST

Google has barred Huawei from some updates to the Android operating system, dealing a major blow to the world's second-largest smartphone seller. It also means loss of Android licence for Huawei, forc

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Google to shut down Jump VR platform in June

San Francisco |Sunday, 2019 3:45:05 PM IST

A dwindling user base has forced Google to shut down its Jump virtual reality (VR) platform that would go offline by the end of June.

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Can cheaper Pixel resurrect Google's smartphone dream?

New Delhi |Saturday, 2019 4:45:05 PM IST

Google's smartphone business has been struggling to gain ground even as rivals Apple, Samsung and Huawei continue to upend competition with better "specced" devices every quarter.

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Google tracking your online purchase history

San Francisco |Saturday, 2019 4:15:05 PM IST

Google is quietly keeping track of every single purchase you have made in years, thanks to purchase receipts sent to your personal Gmail account.

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Google celebrates Persian maths genius Khayyam

New Delhi |Saturday, 2019 3:15:05 PM IST

Google on Saturday dedicated a creative and special doodle to Persian mathematician Omar Khayyam on his 971st birthday. He was best known for his work on the classification and solution of cubic equat

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BSNL partners with Google to expand WiFi footprint

New Delhi |Saturday, 2019 1:15:05 AM IST

On the occasion of World Telecom Day on Friday, state-run telecom major BSNL has partnered with Google to increase access to its WiFi footprint in the country.

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Google's smart city plan upsets Toronto residents

Toronto |Saturday, 2019 10:45:05 PM IST

Google-affiliate Sidewalk Labs's plan to build an Internet-based smart city in Toronto has sparked fear and anxiety among residents, the media reported.

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Italy launches anti-competition probe against Google

San Francisco |Saturday, 2019 9:45:05 PM IST

Joining the Competition Commission of India (CCI) and the European Union (EU), Italy's antitrust authority has become the latest international regulatory body to launch an anti-competition investigati

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