Afghan forces kill 17 Taliban militants

Kabul |Thursday, 2018 1:45:05 PM IST

At least 17 insurgents were killed and over a dozen others injured after Afghan security forces repulsed Taliban attacks on security checkpoints in Kunduz province on Thursday, police said.

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US Senate Democrats warn of 'gigantic loopholes' in Trump tax cuts

WASHINGTON | Wednesday, Jul 18 2018 IST

U.S. Senate Democrats on Wednesday lashed out at Republican President Donald Trump's tax overhaul of December 2017, warning that it contains "gigantic loopholes" that could encourage companies to move

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Putin hails summit with Trump, slams critics

Moscow |Thursday, 2018 9:15:04 PM IST

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday called his summit with US President Donald Trump a success but warned that "certain forces in the US now want to prevent what was achieved there."

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Tonga to start paying back controversial Chinese loans

Sydney | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

The Tongan Government will soon begin making repayments on controversial Chinese loans that critics have said saddled the small Pacific nation with unsustainable debt, according to an ABC News report.

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Mild earthquake felt in Mexico City as residents evacuate buildings

MEXICO CITY | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

A 5.7 magnitude earthquake was felt in Mexico City on Thursday morning as buildings shook mildly and some residents evacuated homes and office buildings. There were no immediate reports of injuries

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Trump offers meeting requests to Rouhani: Iran

Tehran |Thursday, 2018 4:15:14 AM IST

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani received eight requests from his US counterpart for a meeting, presidential chief of staff Mahmoud Vaezi announced on Wednesday.

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Trump says he looks forward to second meeting with Putin

WASHINGTON | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

US President Donald Trump said on Thursday he looked forward to his second meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, insisting that the first meeting was a success despite howls of criticism at h

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US general: no new orders on Russian military in Syria since summit

WASHINGTON | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

U.S. General Joseph Votel, who oversees military operations in Syria, said on Thursday he had received no new directions about relations with the Russian military since the summit between President Do

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Israeli air strike kills Hamas man in Gaza

GAZA | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

An Israeli air strike in the Gaza Strip killed a member of the Islamist militant Hamas group on Thursday and wounded two others, Hams sources and medical officials said. The Israeli military confirmed

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Facebook must adhere to German Holocaust denial laws, says Berlin

BERLIN | Thursday, Jul 19 2018 IST

Facebook must stick to German laws which ban Holocaust denial, the Justice Ministry in Berlin said on Thursday after Mark Zuckerberg caused outrage by saying his platform should not delete such commen

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Indian man shot dead in Canada, 2 charged

Ottawa |Thursday, 2018 7:45:05 PM IST

A 27-year-old Indian man has been shot dead in his home in Canada's Brampton city, police said. Two suspects in the case have surrendered and charged with first-degree murder, while the other two are

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France probes Macron security aide's video beating protesters

Paris |Thursday, 2018 7:45:05 PM IST

A former French presidential security aide is under investigation by the Paris prosecutor's office after a video emerged of him allegedly beating anti-government protesters, officials said on Thursday

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