Trump says he is not racist

Washington |Monday, 2018 11:15:06 AM IST

US President Donald Trump has said he was not a racist after he was criticized over his "sh**hole" characterisation of African countries.

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President Trump says 'DACA is probably dead'

Washington |Monday, 2018 2:45:04 AM IST

US President Donald Trump on Sunday said the Obama-era immigration programme "DACA" is "probably dead", despite the federal government resumed accepting applications for the same on Saturday.

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Nanjiani takes dig at Trump's 'I'm not racist' comment

Los Angeles |Monday, 2018 1:45:05 PM IST

Stand-up comedian and actor Kumail Nanjiani, whose roots trace back to Pakistan, has taken a dig at US President Donald Trump's "I'm not a racist" comment.

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Trump says 'I'm not a racist,' keeps door open for DACA deal

By Steve Holland WEST PALM BEACH | Monday, Jan 15 2018 IST

U.S. President Donald Trump insisted on Sunday "I'm not a racist" in response to reports that he had described immigrants from Haiti and African countries as coming from "shithole countries." Trump

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Trump is selfish, self-centred: American transgender chef

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 2:15:05 PM IST

"Selfish and self-centred" US President Donald Trump will only continue to damage many groups until he is out of office, says Texas-based transgender chef Chris Trapani.

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Abbas slams Trump's Mideast peace plan as 'slap on face'

Ramallah |Monday, 2018 6:45:04 AM IST

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas slammed on Sunday the peace deal proposed by US President Donald Trump, calling it a "a slap on the face".

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Trump accuses Democrats of being all-talk, no-action on DACA fix

Washington |Sunday, 2018 3:15:04 AM IST

The United States President on Saturday accused Democrats of squandering a chance to work out a legislative solution for hundreds of thousands of young undocumented migrants.

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NK's Kim crows over 'Fire and Fury' book on Trump

Seoul | Sunday, Jan 14 2018 IST

Us President Donald Trump's tweeted threat last fall that North Korea would be met with 'fire and fury' became the title of a new book, which has become a blockbuster; and now, the man whom Trump thre

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African envoys to UN call Trump's remark racist

Johannesburg | Sunday, Jan 14 2018 IST

The African group of ambassadors to the United Nations has issued an extraordinary statement condemning the "outrageous, racist and xenophobic remarks" by President Donald Trump and demanding a retrac

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