3D printing technique that creates super soft organ replicas

London |Sunday, 2018 1:45:19 PM IST

A team of researchers have found a new 3D printing technique that allows them to replicate biological structures which could be used for tissue regeneration and replicate organs.

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Unicef reports 4,011 suspected diphtheria cases in Rohingya camps

Dhaka |Sunday, 2018 11:15:05 PM IST

The UN Children's Fund (Unicef) on Sunday said it had detected a total of 4,011 suspected cases of diphtheria in camps for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, where 31 people have died due to a serious o

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How gut bacteria, broccoli can help keep bowel cancer away

Singapore |Saturday, 2018 4:15:04 PM IST

Researchers have developed a cocktail of bacteria and cruciferous vegetables that can potentially turn into a targeting system that seeks out and kills colorectal cancer cells.

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A lesson in the woods may boost kids' learning

New York |Saturday, 2018 4:15:04 PM IST

Are your students unable to concentrate on their lessons in the classroom? Take them for outdoor learning sessions. According to a study, a lesson in the lap of nature can significantly increase child

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This human heart-muscle patch can boost heart attack recovery

New York |Saturday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST

Novel heart-muscle patches made with human cells can significantly improve recovery from a heart attack, results of a clinical trial show.

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Genes that may lead to obesity identified

New York |Saturday, 2018 6:45:04 PM IST

You can blame your genes for your obesity as researchers have found 13 genes that carry variations associated with body mass index (BMI).

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More women watching porn to explore their sexuality

Toronto |Saturday, 2018 2:15:04 PM IST

More women are watching online pornography than before and the opportunity has helped them explore their sexuality and connect with others to discuss issues such as new sexual practices and the use of

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Eating muesli in breakfast may help combat arthritis

London |Saturday, 2018 4:45:04 PM IST

Eating a fibre-rich breakfast consisting of muesli and enough fruit and vegetables throughout the day everyday can help maintain a rich variety of bacterial species in the gut, which may have positive

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Four people die of cold in Gangasagar fair, half a million to take holy dip

Kolkata |Saturday, 2018 10:15:04 PM IST

Over half a million pilgrims are expected to take the holy dip in the Ganga where it flows out into the Bay of Bengal on the occasion of Makar Sankranti on Sunday at the annual Gangasagar Fair, with t

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Stingray soft robot may promote bio-inspired robotics

New York |Saturday, 2018 5:45:04 PM IST

Scientists have developed a tissue-based soft robot that mimics the biomechanics of a stingray, a finding that could lead to advances in bio-inspired robotics, regenerative medicine and medical diagno

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Australian ice cream maker issues recall over metal pieces

Canberra |Friday, 2018 1:15:04 PM IST

An Australian ice cream maker is recalling nine of its products sold nationwide following consumer complaints about metal fragments in them, health authorities said on Friday.

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Avaance launches Osteofit-k2 to ease Chronic Arthritis

New Delhi [India] | January 12, 2018 12:01:13 AM IST

New Delhi [India], Jan 12 (ANI-NewsVoir): Avaance embarked on a mission to provide holistic solution to arthritic problems by launching OsteofitĀ®-k2, No pain oil & No pain roll on gel after having

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