FB workers stage virtual walkout over no action on Trump tweet (Lead)

San Francisco |Tuesday, 2020 5:15:06 AM IST

Several Facebook employees on Monday staged a "virtual walkout" in protest at the social networking giant's policies regarding a recent controversial post by President Donald Trump on its platform.

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NYC mayor considers potential curfew to curb violent protests

New York |Tuesday, 2020 9:45:07 AM IST

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said he was planning to discuss with other officials about a potential curfew, after several nights of chaos emerged in protests over the death of Minnesota black ma

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Trudeau announces infra fund to help cities cover COVID-19 costs

Ottawa |Tuesday, 2020 10:45:06 AM IST

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that his government will offer cities an advanced transfer of 2.2 billion Canadian dollars (about US $1.6 billion) in infrastructure money to help cove

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Aus PM demands probe into 'assault' on journo

Canberra |Tuesday, 2020 7:15:06 PM IST

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday demanded an investigation into the assault of an Australian journalist and cameraman at the hands of US police.

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Nepal media asks China to refrain from issuing threats

New Delhi/Kathmandu |Tuesday, 2020 1:20:55 PM IST

Nepali media on Wednesday asked China to refrain from issuing threats and respect their freedom of the press, a right granted to them by the country's constitution.

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Trump hints trade deal unlikely during India trip

New York |Tuesday, 2020 1:20:54 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has indicated that a full-fledged trade agreement with India was unlikely during his visit there next week -- or even this year -- but a "very big one" was in the offing.

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Democratic party's electoral lineup changes with Bloomberg's poll surge

New York |Tuesday, 2020 1:20:55 PM IST

Democratic Party's electoral calculus is set for a recalibration on Wednesday night when the controversial billionaire Michael Bloomberg steps on to the stage for the first time to debate the other ca

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Concerns grow over Philippines' new anti-terrorism law

Manila |Tuesday, 2020 9:15:06 PM IST

Human rights organizations in the Philippines have expressed concern about the imminent approval in congress of a new anti-terrorism law, which they consider seeks to persecute government critics and

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UK, Canada oppose Russia's return to G7

London |Tuesday, 2020 8:15:06 PM IST

The UK and Canada have opposed Russia's return to the G7, deepening a rift over US President Donald Trump's wish for Moscow to rejoin the group of the world's wealthiest nations.

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UN chief wants peaceful demonstrations in US

United Nations |Tuesday, 2020 1:15:06 PM IST

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres wants to see peaceful protests in the United States over the death of George Floyd, and calls for restraint from the authorities in responding to demonstrators, s

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Marriott reopens all hotels in China

Beijing |Tuesday, 2020 8:15:06 PM IST

American hotel chain, Marriott International has reopened all of its hotels in China and the group said that it has seen a recovery in business travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it was reported on Tu

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43 arrested in anti-child porn operation in Brazil

Brasilia |Tuesday, 2020 1:20:56 PM IST

Brazil police have arrested 43 people in a large-scale operation against child pornography which involved four other countries.

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