Aadhaar not must for Ayushman Bharat: Health Ministry

New Delhi |Thursday, 2018 9:45:44 PM IST

The government clarified on Thursday that Aadhaar card was not mandatory for taking benefits under Ayushman Bharat - National Health Protection Mission. Nobody would be denied health facilities for no

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GOQii launches waterproof fitness band in India at Rs 3,499

Mumbai |Thursday, 2018 9:46:09 PM IST

GOQii, a domestic fitness technology player, on Thursday unveiled its waterproof "Vital fitness band" with blood pressure monitor and heart rate sensor at Rs. 3,499.

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Eat more fruits, veggies to reduce asthma symptoms

London |Thursday, 2018 9:45:34 PM IST

If you have asthma, switching to a healthy diet of fruits, vegetables and whole grain cereals may help in reducing the symptoms like difficulty in breathing, chest pain and coughing among many other t

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Mexican scientists develop hybrid chayote fruit to battle cancer

Mexico City |Thursday, 2018 8:45:05 AM IST

Researchers from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) developed a hybrid chayote fruit from two wild Mexican species, which could be used to battle cancer.

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Diabetics at high risk of lung disease: Study

London |Thursday, 2018 9:45:29 PM IST

People with Type-2 diabetes may be more at risk of developing restrictive lung disease (RLD) characterized by breathlessness, than non-diabetic patients, a study has found.

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Google rolls out 'Morse code' support on Gboard for iOS

San Francisco |Thursday, 2018 9:45:23 PM IST

To help people with disabilities connect better, Google has rolled out "Morse code" functionalities on Gboard for iOS and improvements to "Morse code" on Gboard for Android.

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VR therapy may reduce fear of heights: Study

London |Thursday, 2018 9:45:18 PM IST

If you are acrophobic or are scared of heights, then taking automated virtual reality (VR) based psychological therapy may help reduce the phobia, say researchers.

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Legalizing same-sex marriage improves health care access for gays: Study

New York |Thursday, 2018 9:45:54 PM IST

Legalizing same-sex marriage will offer the LGBT community a chance to significantly improve their quality of life by getting easy access to health services and care, a study has found.

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Living near woods may ward off dementia risk in elderly

London |Thursday, 2018 9:45:44 PM IST

While exposure to tiny air pollution particles have known to increase the risk of dementia, including Alzheimers disease, researchers find that older adults, especially women staying near greener neig

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ONGC installs Water ATM in Tripura hospitals

Agartala |Thursday, 2018 9:46:04 PM IST

State-owned ONGC, as part of its corporate social responsibility effort, has installed Water ATMs in big hospitals in Tripura to provide pure drinking water to the patients and their care-takers, an o

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Goa FDA flips flops on formaldehyde use in fish, after minister's tweet

Panaji |Thursday, 2018 10:45:04 PM IST

Multiple raids on wholesale fish markets in Goa stoked controversy after a spot inspection by Food Drug Administration staff revealed a carcinogenic preservative formaldehyde's presence in fish, but a

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Regulation of healthcare needed to check corruption: Khurshid

New Delhi |Thursday, 2018 11:45:05 PM IST

Congress leader Salman Khurshid on Thursday said a strong regulatory system is needed to check widespread corruption in the Indian healthcare sector where 25 per cent of the money spent on health is l

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