Of travels, crime thrillers and a lifelong association: Vajpayee beyond-the-usual

New Delhi |Thursday, 2018 8:15:05 PM IST

"Between the guns and guards, there were two dogs called Sassy and Sophie who would run around the prime ministers house, and also Ritu, the cat," journalist Saba Naqvi writes in her recent book "Shad

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Hindu migrants from Pakistan living a life of homeless wanderers, courtesy Indian red-tapism (Social Feature)

Jodhpur |Tuesday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST

At a time when the world is battling one of its biggest refugee crises, India has its own share of the problem -- thousands of Hindu migrants from Pakistan remain stranded at this Rajasthan transit hu

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Angels of hope: They make the poor and helpless aware of their rights (IANS Special Series)

New Delhi |Sunday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST

When Rambabu, a 27-year-old who worked in a ration shop in Patna, got to know he was suffering from brain tumor, he was devastated. But his nightmare was compounded when he travelled over a thousand k

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Inside an arts residency: How open spaces help young artists freely ideate

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 3:15:04 PM IST

A critical presence in an arts residency is a source of a counter opinion, and can be a real boon for young ideating artists, said Serendipity Arts Foundation Director Smriti Rajgarhia on housing a re

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Vulnerable South Asian communities gear up to fight floods (Environment Feature)

Patna |Wednesday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST

Vulnerable communities in four South Asian countries across the Hindu Kush Himalaya (HKH) region are hopeful and confident of fighting floods this monsoon, thanks to community-based flood early warnin

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How tribal women of Kanha are driving their own destiny (IANS Special Series)

Mukki (Madhya Pradesh) |Sunday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST

Mukki zone in the famous Kanha National Park had been known throughout its recorded history to have been ruled by tigresses, rather than tigers. True to this legacy, tribal women of the Mukki zone are

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Ramachandra Guha pens 'the most ambitious book' on Gandhi

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2018 1:45:04 PM IST

Renowned historian and author of several bestselling books, including the highly acclaimed "India After Gandhi" and "India Before Gandhi", Ramachandra Guha has penned a new book on the father of the n

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Man Booker longlist captures a world on the brink

London |Tuesday, 2018 12:15:04 PM IST

From a staggering 171 submissions -- the highest number of titles put forward in the Man Booker Prize's 50 year history -- 13 novels, which capture facets of a world on the brink, have been longlisted

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Not easy to embrace diverse perspectives in a country of strong opinions: Publisher Meru Gokhale

New Delhi |Sunday, 2018 1:15:04 PM IST

India is the second-largest English-language publishing market in the world and Penguin Random House India, a major player in the sector, publishes more than 200 books a year. But Meru Gokhale, it's e

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Pottery, an underpaying profession, makes surviving a struggle in Delhi

New Delhi |Thursday, 2018 11:45:04 AM IST

Thirty-two-year-old Geeta sits patiently, painting pots created by her husband in the small open porch in her house at Kumhar Gram or Potters' Village that interestingly has managed to find space in W

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Breaking faith barriers, Shia Muslim artists create Hindu wedding mandaps (IANS Special Series)

Jaipur |Sunday, 2018 12:45:05 PM IST

For centuries, their creations have been used in sombre processions to commemorate and reconstruct the narrative of the 7th century Battle of Karbala in Islamic history. But now, these artists, mostly

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How waste management is helping Vietnamese women earn a living (Societal Feature)

Hoi An (Vietnam) |Friday, 2018 3:20:56 PM IST

With over 20 million tourists visiting per year, this port city -- a UNESCO World Heritage Site -- produces approximately 27,000 tonnes of urban waste per year.

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