'Glass piece in burger' complaint against Burger King outlet

Pune |Tuesday, 2019 2:45:05 AM IST

A complaint by a customer alleging a glass pieces being found in a burger at a Burger King outlet here last week is being investigated, a police official said on Monday.

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Women with sleep apnea at greater cancer risk

London |Tuesday, 2019 8:45:05 PM IST

Women with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than men with the condition, warn researchers.

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Olympic 100 m record will even out in some time: Performance Enhancement Specialist (IANS Interview)

New Delhi |Monday, 2019 4:15:06 PM IST

It's taken over 120 years to shave the Olympic 100 metres record from 11.4 seconds to the current 9.06 seconds and globally renowned Global Sports Scientist and Performance Enhancement Specialist Tim

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Phone use limit can reverse sleep problems in a week

London |Monday, 2019 9:15:05 PM IST

Limiting evening exposure to blue-light emitting screens on smartphones, tablets and computers can reverse sleep problems and reduce symptoms of fatigue, lack of concentration and bad mood in teenage

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Sepsis subtypes identified, different remedies stressed

New York |Monday, 2019 11:15:05 PM IST

Sepsis is not a single syndrome but multiple distinct conditions much like cancer, suggest researchers.

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Teens with ADHD face high road accident risk: Study

Washington |Monday, 2019 8:15:05 PM IST

Teenage drivers diagnosed with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are significantly more likely to engage in rash driving, violate traffic rules and crash as compared to their contemporar

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Drinking coffee does improve bowel movement

San Diego |Monday, 2019 5:15:05 PM IST

Drinking coffee keeps the bowels moving because it changes gut bacteria and improves ability of intestines to contract, find researchers.

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Pro-life Trump defines stand on Alabama abortion ban (2nd Lead)

Washington |Monday, 2019 12:20:54 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has outlined a less restrictive view of abortion than what was recently passed by Alabama's Republican state government.

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Polling official dies in Gorakhpur

Gorakhpur |Sunday, 2019 5:45:06 PM IST

An official on election duty died inside a polling booth on Sunday in Uttar Pradesh's Gorakhpur.

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Trump opposed to parts of Alabama's abortion ban

Washington |Sunday, 2019 6:45:05 PM IST

US President Donald Trump has outlined a less restrictive view of abortion than what was passed by Alabama's Republican state government.

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Odisha govt suspends four doctors in cyclone-hit Puri

Bhubaneswar |Sunday, 2019 1:45:05 AM IST

The Odisha government on Saturday suspended four doctors for dereliction of duty in Puri district which has been badly hit by the recent Cyclone Fani.

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Early humans began eating starch 120,000 years ago

Johannesburg |Sunday, 2019 1:15:05 AM IST

Our ancestors were roasting and eating plant starches, such as those from tubers and rhizomes, as early as 120,000 years ago, new research has found.

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