Feeding the hungry: Cancer doesn't detract him from his life's mission (IANS Special Series)

Chandigarh |Sunday, 2018 1:45:34 PM IST

He is 83 years old and has been serving free food to the poor and needy for over three-and-a-half decades. He is fighting cancer and has sold off assets to keep his community service going. And, despi

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Multiple sessions on journalistic, reportage writing at JLF 2018

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2018 5:45:04 PM IST

From the award-winning investigative stories blowing the cover on sexual abuse in the Catholic Church by The Boston Globes Spotlight team to the only writer to have ever gone under cover in North Kore

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Himalayan littering leading to brown-bear habit changes (Environmental Feature)

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2018 12:45:04 PM IST

Large-scale littering in the Himalayas by trekkers and campers have led to Himalayan brown bears -- a critically endangered species close to extinction -- being drawn to human detritus and losing thei

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Inspiring change: When a once-arid village becomes a national model (IANS Special Series)

ProtoVillage (Andhra Pradesh) |Sunday, 2017 1:15:35 PM IST

John F. Kennedy said "One person can make a difference, and everyone should try". These words of one of America's best-known presidents probably inspired a former engineer in India to try to transform

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'Rasta' shows poor Muslim girls the path to education (IANS Special Series)

Khoda (Uttar Pradesh) |Sunday, 2017 2:45:04 PM IST

Ten years ago, when three women walked into Shabnam's one-roomed home here one afternoon, her six- and seven-year-old daughters, Sana and Shaima, were school dropouts. They were attending a nearby mad

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Putting education over marriage: Hope-filled story from Bihar (Societal Feature)

Bumuar (Bihar) |Friday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST

Sixteen-year-old Anjali Kumaris determination to study and fulfil her dream of becoming a school teacher has given her the strength and confidence to stand up against child marriage. She is one of the

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India's tallest Christmas tree reaches up to the heavens (Lifestyle Feature)

Mumbai |Wednesday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST

Over 10,000 twinkling colourful fairy lights, cherubic angels and fairies, reindeer and snowmen, bells, streamers and festoons, tiny crosses, and a beaming paunchy Santa Claus waving from the "cotton

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UN action set to revive Kenyan lake around which flowers bloom (Environment Feature)

Naivasha (Kenya) |Monday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST

The Naivasha wetlands, nestled amidst the volcanic mountains of Kenya's Great Rift Valley, are dying a slow death. Concerned at the impending ecological crisis, United Nations Environment stepped in t

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The year when Indian fiction reflected the burden of society (2017 In Retrospect)

New Delhi |Sunday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST

A novel that takes its readers into the abyss of poverty and patriarchy, thereby narrating the sordid uses of power and the agony it unleashes; a dystopian satire that draws a telling portrait of our

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On a wing and verse: Bengal girl gives poetic meaning to broken life (IANS Special Series)

Kolkata |Sunday, 2017 12:45:04 PM IST

Eight years back, Sathi Mondal was a normal, jovial teenager, enjoying life and dreaming of making it big in sports. That's till a botched-up medical treatment derailed her life's planned journey. Now

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Month-long fiesta of sales at Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai |Tuesday, 2017 3:15:04 PM IST

Preparations here are underway to host Dubais annual citywide shopping extravaganza, offering the shopping-lover in all of us a month-long fiesta of sales, exclusive shopping experiences and extraordi

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Bhai Boolchand, the unsung Indian who launched trade with Ghana (Diaspora Feature)

Accra |Monday, 2017 12:15:04 PM IST

Not much is known about him, but it has now emerged that trade relations between Ghana and India were started by Bhai Boolchand, the first Indian to arrive in the Gold Coast -- Ghana's colonial name -

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