Hard work, no pay linked to mental health issues in comedians: Study

London |Tuesday, 2018 8:15:04 PM IST

The working conditions of comedians, with little or no pay, contribute to poor mental health, according to researchers.

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Israel discovers blood test to match treatment to lung cancer

Jerusalem |Tuesday, 2018 2:45:04 AM IST

Israeli researchers have discovered a method for matching precise treatment to lung cancer patients through simple blood tests, Hebrew-language website "Ynet" reported on Monday.

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Delhi encourages schoolkids to celebrate cracker-free Diwali

New Delhi |Tuesday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST

Ahead of Diwali, Delhi's Directorate of Education has asked the schools to sensitise the students on the ill-effects of burning firecrackers and encourage them to make the festival pollution-free.

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Decoded: How smell of lavender helps you unwind

Tokyo |Tuesday, 2018 7:45:06 PM IST

Scientists have discovered that the fragrant flower lavender is relaxing and may help people unwind and could even be a safer alternative to anti-anxiety drugs.

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Childhood obesity linked to hip disease in adolescence: Study

London |Monday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST

Children with obesity are more likely to develop a debilitating hip disease -- Slipped Capital Femoral Epiphysis (SCFE) -- during their adolescence, warns a new study.

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SC verdict on firecrackers on Tuesday

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 3:45:05 PM IST

The Supreme Court will pronounce on Tuesday its verdict on the plea for a ban on the manufacture, sale and possession of firecrackers across the country.

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Congress ridicules BJP for 'remembering Bose, Ambedkar 70 years after Independence'

Jaipur |Monday, 2018 5:15:06 PM IST

The Congress on Monday slammed the BJP for trying to appropriate the Freedom Movement icons, ridiculing the saffron party for remembering stalwarts such as Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, B.R. Ambedkar

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Lok Sabha Speaker says India, Croatia need to engage more purposely

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 8:15:04 PM IST

Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan on Monday said that India enjoyed a warm and friendly relationship with Croatia, and that the two countries needed to engage more purposely.

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Behaviour-modifying app can help you lose weight

New York |Monday, 2018 2:45:04 PM IST

Researchers have found that a behaviour-modifying app, when integrated with health system resources, can help obesity patients lose weight.

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Hemp association announces Rs 1,100 crore investment

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 10:45:05 PM IST

Indian Industrial Hemp Association (IIHA) on Monday announced investment of Rs 1,100 crores for hemp cultivation in Uttarakhand, which it said will create over 90,000 employment opportunities, a state

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Faulty hip transplant patients seek clarity from Health Ministry

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 10:45:05 PM IST

Patients using Johnson and Johnson's allegedly faulty ASR (articular surface replacement) hip implant have written to the Health Ministry expressing concern over the quantum of compensation and seekin

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Delhi Environment Minister takes note of fire at landfill site

New Delhi |Monday, 2018 11:15:05 PM IST

Taking cognisance of the fire incident at Bhalaswa garbage landfill site, Delhi Environment Minister Imran Hussain on Monday directed the MCDs to develop scientifically-engineered landfill sites in th

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