How to Get Hassle-Free Personal Loan Directly to Your Bank Account?

Business | September 26, 2023 2:44:16 PM IST
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New Delhi [India], September 26: In the digital age, the convenience of online services has revolutionized various aspects of our lives, including financial transactions. Whether it's for unforeseen medical expenses, a dream vacation, or consolidating debt, you can now get an instant personal loan from Piramal Finance. An instant loan can provide the financial support you need quickly and efficiently.

Instant Personal Loan can be availed from Piramal Finance by following a few easy steps:

Step 1: Apply for Instant Personal Loan

You can apply for a Personal Loan by visiting www.piramalfinance.com. To start the process, enter the mobile number followed by the OTP.

Step 2: PAN Verification

Now, enter your PAN details and declare your monthly income.

Step 3: KYC Verification

To finish KYC verification, enter all necessary personal information, including your home address, and take a picture of yourself.

Step 4: Bank Account Details

After completing KYC, provide your bank account number and the bank's IFSC code to receive an instant loan.

Step 5: Work Information

For all salaried individuals, it is mandatory to mention work information details such as company name & work email address.

Step 6: Upload the Bank Statement

Upload the bank statement of your salary bank account for verification purposes.

Step 7: E-Mandate & E-Sign

In the last step, arrange automatic repayment, approve the loan offer, and sign electronically to finish the process.

After completing the process, Piramal Finance will disburse the loan amount and it will get credited to your verified bank account.

Who can avail an Instant Personal Loan from Piramal Finance?

Salaried individuals of Indian Nationality with a minimum salary of ₹ 15,000/- can apply for an instant loan from Piramal Finance. To obtain an Instant Loan, applicants must provide Simple Digital Documentation. This documentation includes identification, address, and income proof. The specific requirements may vary depending on the applicant's occupation.

Benefits of taking Piramal Finance’s Personal Loan?

1.   Zero Foreclosure Charges: There are no pre-payment or fore-closure charges for Personal Loan at Piramal Finance.

2.   No Co-Signers / Guarantors: Co-Signer or Guarantor is not required to apply for a personal loan from Piramal Finance.

3.   Digital Documentation: Instant Loan can be availed by submitting the required documents online.

4.   Quick Disbursals: Once the documentation is completed and loan offer is accepted, total amount will be disbursed from Piramal Finance.

5.   Secure Process: Piramal Finance offers a 100% secure process that protects your personal and financial information.

Conclusion: Taking an instant personal loan online can provide the financial support you need when you need it most. The digital era has made applying for instant personal loans online more accessible. Now, with Piramal Finance, you can instantly secure the funds required to achieve your financial goals.

To learn more about our Instant Personal Loan options or to apply online, please visit at https://www.piramalfinance.com/personal-loan.

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