Opposition stages walkout amid PM Modi's reply to debate on no-confidence motion

New Delhi | August 10, 2023 8:45:52 PM IST
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Members of Opposition parties on Thursday staged a walkout while Prime Minister Narendra Modi was replying to the debate in the Lok Sabha on the no-confidence motion. 

As the Prime Minister was taking on the Opposition on several issues, the members of I.N.D.I.A bloc staged a walkout from the House, literally making the Opposition benches empty. 

During his speech PM Modi took a dig at opposition parties, saying it is blessing of God that opposition have brought a no-confidence motion against his government and that NDA and BJP will come back with a grand victory, breaking all previous records in the 2024 Lok Sabha polls.

The Prime Minister said that people have repeatedly shown trust in the government.

"People of the country have shown trust in our government again and again.  I am here to show my gratitude to the crores of the people of the country," he said.

The Prime Minister recalled that the opposition parties had brought a no-confidence motion against his government in 2018 also ahead of 2019 Lok Sabha polls.