Machine that detects what disease you may get in future

Prayagraj |Thursday, 2023 11:51:06 AM IST
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A team of scientists from Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad (IIIT-Allahabad) have designed a prototype of a machine that will be able to detect the probability of a person developing any ailment in future.

The machine, 'Medical Cyber Physical System for Healthcare', will be able to tell what disease an individual may suffer in future or what will be the cause of the disease.

A team of scientists led by Sonali Agarwal, assistant professor at the department of electronics and communication, had worked on the machine for the past four years for which DST had sanctioned an amount of Rs 32 lakh in 2018.

Agarwal said the data of the physical parameters of the person will be collected in 15 to 20 minutes from this sensor-equipped machine.

"On the basis of this data, the machine will calculate the effects on the person's body through a rule-based system by assessing the activities of the concerned person, such as walking and talking. After this analysis, the machine will tell what kind of disease that person may have in future and what will be the reason for it."

Through this, it can also be ascertained that if a child plays more games on mobile then what kind of disease, he may get in future, she added.

According to Sonali, DST had given this project for three years, which has been completed. After preparing the prototype of the machine, its detailed report has been sent to DST.

The research has also been published in a recent issue of a foreign journal.

Along with this, the institute has also applied for the patent of the prototype.

After getting the patent, the machine will be available in the market, she added.

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