How yoga is beneficial for our overall health

New Delhi |Thursday, 2023 11:51:03 AM IST
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Embracing yoga as a holistic approach can help prevent cancer, boost heart health as well as enable a person live an active and healthy life, said doctors on International Yoga Day on Wednesday.

Various studies have shown the health benefits associated with yoga.

A recent study led by the University of Rochester Medical Centre and not peer-reviewed yet, showed that yoga significantly reduced inflammation -- a hallmark of cancer that can both promote and constrain tumours, and also lead to spread around the body -- among cancer survivors.

Yoga was also found to be better at helping relieve fatigue and maintain quality of life, the researchers found.

"Yoga possesses an incredible ability to enhance our overall health and well-being. It can potentially bring about a transformative impact on preventing the risk of cancer. Yoga plays a vital role in diminishing chronic inflammation, alleviating stress, and enhancing blood circulation, thus shielding our bodies against the development of cancer," Dr Ravinuthula V RaghuNandan, Senior Consultant Radiation Oncologist at HCG MNR Cancer Centre, Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, told IANS.

"In addition, profound relaxation through yoga improves sleep patterns, boosts our energy levels, and enhances mental clarity, enabling us to make healthier lifestyle choices. One should embrace yoga as a holistic approach to cancer prevention and empower themselves to actively safeguard their well-being, fostering a life filled with vitality and wellness," he added.

Yoga is also known to be beneficial for boosting heart health.

A pilot study published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, showed that yoga decreased systolic blood pressure and resting heart rate, which reduced 10-year cardiovascular risk.

"All forms of exercise and movement improve metabolism. Yoga, in particular, is a great way to keep your blood pressure and blood sugar levels under check. It is also known to contribute toA arterial relaxation, which is a very significant contribution," Dr. Tilak Suvarna, Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai, told IANS.

The alarming surge in early-age heart attacks among Indians can be attributed to the profound transformation in lifestyle choices and dietary patterns. In combating cardiac-related issues, yoga emerges as a pivotal practice, fostering both prevention and recovery, the experts said.

Further, stress has emerged as a formidable adversary, putting a tremendous strain on the heart.

"Yoga promotes relaxation, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, and improves overall circulation, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease and aiding in the management of cardiac-related conditions," Dr Rahul Chandola, Cardiologist and Founder-Chairman, Institute of Heart Lungs Diseases & Research Centre, New Delhi, told IANS.

Dr Chandola said even for those with busy schedules, a few minutes of simple yoga practice, such as the transformative breathing exercise, can work wonders.

"Whether you find yourself in a car or at the office, this accessible practice brings focus to our breath, nurturing our cardiovascular well-being as well as our lung health," he said.

"Today, Yoga has become a perfect ingredient for a happy and healthy lifestyle. It's time we adopt this great way of life to beat challenges of modern lifestyle like stress, hypertension, and other health problems," Dr Deepak Sharma, Consultant Pulmonologist, Ujala Cygnus Group of Hospitals, New Delhi, told IANS.

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