Apple Watch saves woman from deadly blood clot: Report

San Francisco |Wednesday, 2023 11:21:27 AM IST
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An Apple Watch has saved a woman from a potentially deadly blood clot by waking her up from a nap, the media reported.

One day when Kimmie Watkins wasn't feeling well, she decided to take a nap to help her feel better, reports AppleInsider.

She felt lightheaded and dizzy, and blamed it on not eating enough food.

The sleep didn't last for very long as her Apple Watch warned her of a high heart rate of 178 beats per minute.

The Apple Watch woke her with an alarm "that said that my heart rate had been too high for too long," explained Watkins.

"So for over 10 minutes, it was too high."

When Watkins visited her physician, she was told that she had a saddle pulmonary embolism. Watkins found she had a clotting disease even though she had no prior history of heart issues.

She is currently taking blood thinners and working to rebuild her stamina, the report said.

In February this year, an Apple Watch had helped save the wearer's life, by alerting about a racing pulse following a nap that led to a diagnosis of severe internal bleeding.

Meanwhile, a pregnant woman had credited the wearable device for saving her and her unborn baby's lives following an abnormally high heart rate warning.

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