1 Click Capital: Revolutionizing Shopkeeper Financing in India with the Launch of 1 Click Retail

Business | June 6, 2023 11:10:33 AM IST
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New Delhi [India], June 6: 1 Click Capital, powered by CHP Finance Private Limited, became India's first NBFC to provide unsecured payroll funding in the lending market. It is one of the most unique and rapidly growing companies in the finance sector, but what were the real struggles and efforts put behind the scenes by Sachin Malik, the Founder and Managing Director of 1 Click Capital? He began this company with hardly 5 employees and a dream in his pocket, and now he is the founder of a truly groundbreaking company.

After the success of Payroll Funding, Sachin Malik came up with a new and much-needed product in the market called 1 Click Retail that will finance shopkeepers and help improve their cash flow.

Shopkeepers are the backbone of any economy. However, running a shop is not easy because there are many challenges that shopkeepers face every day. High competition and limited access to capital, technology, and customers, a lack of customer loyalty due to the presence of many similar shops and brands in every neighborhood, and the inability to scale up their business because they do not have enough funds for expansion or hiring new employees are some of the problems.

1 Click Capital: A Possible Solution:

1 Click Retail is offering unsecured short-term financing starting at 50K to 5 Lakhs. 1 Click Capital's shopkeeper financing is a financial tool that can help shopkeepers in Mumbai overcome the challenges they face. It allows shopkeepers to access capital, which means that they can buy inventory and supplies at the right time. This capital will help every shopkeeper solve their day-to-day financial needs. This will also help them improve their technology, which will allow them to compete with online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, etc.

What are the benefits that the shopkeepers will enjoy by joining hands with 1 Click Capital?

It will help improve cash flow and allow them to pay their suppliers on time. This helps them avoid penalties and improve their credit rating.

It will also give them the ability to manage inventory more effectively so that they don't run out of stock or overstock items that aren't selling well. It will also help them serve their customers well and improve customer relationships. This capital also allows shopkeepers access to new technology such as point-of-sale systems, which allow them to track sales more accurately so they know what products are selling best at any given time. Shopkeeper financing is a solution.

So the next time a shopkeeper is facing problems with their cash flow, 1 Click Capital is there to resolve their problems and help them grow a strong business.

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