Doctors in Kerala protest against CPI-M MLA for misbehaviour

Thiruvananthapuram |Saturday, 2023 2:15:09 AM IST
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K.Shanthakumari, a woman MLA from the Communist Party Of India (Marxist), has been accused of making rude remarks against the doctors who were on duty in a state-run hospital.

Shanthakumari, who is the CPI-M MLA from Kongad (SC Assembly constituency in Palakkad district), visited the hospital in Palakkad district on Thursday evening along with her husband who was unwell.

"The legislator behaved in an angry manner and passed remarks, that no wonder doctors are being taken to task and it happens because of the rude behaviour towards patients. A legislator speaking like this and that too in front of other patients creates a very bad impression," said a woman doctor at the hospital.

Shanthakumari came to the hospital with her sick husband and when she introduced herself, the doctor started examining the patient. Following this the doctor said the husband had fever and started to prescribe medicines for him.

Later, the MLA asked the doctor why her husband was not examined using medical devices.

Meanwhile as the news spread across the media, the first-time legislator said she has never made a remark as was alleged by the doctors.

"Yes. It's true that I asked if they do not want to examine the patient using medical devices, but I never ever said any other thing that is now being circulated," said Shanthakumari.

The doctors have decided to file a complaint against the legislator to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan.

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