Rajasthan man carrying large amount of cash arrested from Howrah station

Kolkata |Monday, 2023 4:15:08 AM IST
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A resident of Rajasthan's Bikaner area was arrested on Sunday afternoon from Howrah Station by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) with unaccounted cash amounting to Rs 50 lakh.

The arrested person has been identified as Prahladram Jakhar, 33. RPF personnel found him loitering at platform number 8 of Howrah station while carrying a blue bag.

He was questioned by the RPF team but after inconsistencies were found in his answers, the RPF detained him for further questionomh. Thereafter, when the blue bag he was carrying was checked, huge amount of currency in denominations of Rs 500, Rs 200, and Rs 100 notes were recovered. The money was counted and found to be Rs 50 lakh.

The detained person could neither give any satisfactory answer on the source of funds nor could show any document relatedg to the huge cash that he was carrying. Finally, the RPF personnel arrested him. "As per rules, he will be handed over to the Income Tax department who will carry forward with the investigation process in the matter," an RPF official said.

Last month too, the RPF personnel recovered a massive amount of Rs 40 lakh from Howrah station, Incidentally, that was also recovered from platform number 8.

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