Wanted to get rid of Shraddha as she started hurling abuses at me, said Aftab: Charge sheet

New Delhi |Wednesday, 2023 1:45:09 AM IST
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Aftab Amin Poonawalla confessed he used to fight with his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar over his affairs with other girls, and then, over living expenses, which led to her allegedly hurl abuse at him, and he killed her to stop this, as per the charge sheet.

He also said that his habit of drinking led him to lose his job at Decathion Sports Store, Dahisar, in east Mumbai. This happened in October 2019 when Aftab and Shraddha were in a live-in-relationship in Mumbai.

Poonawalla also said that it was the time when Walkar came to know about his other affairs and used to fight with him.

"Shraddha learnt that I had affairs with other girls. She came to know that I used to talk to other girls on Bumble app which led to arguments between us. She had known that I was cheating on her but as we used to drink together, we would solve our issues," he said, as per the charge sheet.

He also accepted that he was very aggressive and used to beat up Shraddha who then finally lodged a complaint against him with the Mumbai Police.

Finally to improve their relationship, they decided to go on a bagpacking tour in Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh where they met Badri through Bumble app. They then stayed at the house of Badri in Delhi's Chhattarpur, but here, they again fought over various issues and he then asked them to leave the house. After this, they met a broker and took a rented accommodation in the neighborhood.

Poonawalla then said that they had no jobs and had spent their entire money on the trip.

"We again started fighting with each other. Shraddha booked a railway ticket for me. She asked me to go to Vasai and bring some house stuff, but I didn't go on the pretext that I was ill," he said, as per the charge sheet.

Soon, Walkar said that they have nothing left and eating outside food wasn't good for them. Poonawalla said that he then told her that she would have to share half of the total expenses which made her cross, and she started hurling abuses at him.

"I now wanted to get rid of her habit of huing abuses and decided to kill her. I pushed her on the floor and sat on her chest. I pressed her throat until she died. I chopped her body into pieces and packed it into bags," he confessed, as per as the charge sheet.

The Delhi Police took legal opinion before filing the charge sheet, as their case depends on scientific evidence in the matter as Walkar's body was not recovered.

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