All India Kiteboarding: Jehan Driver and Katya Saini take lead on Day 1

Tuticorin |Wednesday, 2022 3:15:09 AM IST
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Jehan Driver and Katya Saini took the lead at the end of Day 1 in the men's and women's categories respectively of the 3rd edition of the All-India Kiteboarding Championships here on Tuesday.

Jehan, representing Quest Adventure, finished the day with a score of 9.0 overcoming tough competition from the defending champion Arjun Motha of Aqua Outback who finished second with a score of 11.0 while Aqua Outback's Dylan Fernandes finished third with a score of 14.0 at the end of the proceedings on Day one.

"The competition is tough here and it is going to be a very tight contest. I will try to maintain my lead in the next two days and win the title," Jehan said.

In the women's category, Katya Saini showcased a consistent performance over three rounds and finished the day on top with a score of 4.0 above Keona Ranjini and Avishma Matta who scored 6.0 and 12.0 respectively.

"The conditions are good for kiteboarding and I will focus on performing consistently over the next two days," said Katya Saini.

Amongst the men, third-placed Dylan Fernandes while being more consistent amongst the top three, had to face the brunt of an 11-point penalty in round 2 by not sailing the course as defined for the championships, thereby slipping to the third place.

Phillipe Dartnell, Jothi Basu, and Sunil Rajani are close behind the top three being placed at the 4th, 5th, and 6th positions respectively.

Earlier in the day, joint secretary-general of the Yachting Association of India, captain Jitendra Dixit inaugurated the 3rd edition of the All-India Kiteboarding championships which is being held under the aegis of the Yachting Association of India and Premier Kiteboarding Association.



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