Temporary shop owners make profits amid farmers' protest

Singhu border (Delhi/Haryana) |Monday, 2020 10:15:06 PM IST
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Farmers from Punjab, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh are relentless in continuing their protest at the Singhu border as it reached the 12th day against the three agricultural laws formulated by the Central government.

At the same time due to farmers protest, the police administration has tightened its security at the Singhu border. Due to this there has been a massive impact on commercial activity in the neighbourhood with some people setting up temporary shops due to a large number of farmers protesting at the border.

Delhi resident Furkan, for instance, has been making Nehru jackets with his own hands by setting up a small factory in his house for the last seven years. For the past five years, he has been selling these jackets at Jyoti Park in Punjab's Jalandhar.

However, due to the protests continuing at the Singhu border, Furqan has now set up his temporary shop at the border.

He has been coming to the Singhu border every day for the last three days and has started selling Nehru jackets while setting up his own shop on the road. Farmers participating in the protest have shown a keen interest in purchasing Nehru jackets.

Furkan said, "I have been selling Nehru jackets here for the last three days. Earlier I owned a shop in Jalandhar city, but could not go there again due to Covid-19. But I have come here to support the farmers protesting here."

A large number of people have gathered during the protest at the border. Due to which people passing by are showing interest in the jackets and buying them.

Apart from Furqan's shop, many more temporary shops have come up at the Singhu border where gloves, masks and other items for the winter season are being sold.

For many years, another person Shakeel used to sell jackets at Delhi's Narela but ever since the protests started at the Singhu border, he runs a temporary shop at the border for the last five days selling winter jackets.

According to Furkan and Shakeel, they would run their shops as long as the farmers protest here.

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