United in soul, wedlock by the Constitution

|Thursday, 2020 10:20:53 AM IST
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To each according to his or her faith! Some couples tie the nuptial knot amid chants of mantras, some opt for nikah, some walk down the aisle while some others get married in the court.

But a couple in Sehore chose a unique way to exchange the marital vows over the Preamble of the Constitution.

Hemant, son of Vishnuprasad Dohar, resident of Bharti Nagar, Sehore and Madhu, the daughter of Jairam Bhaskar, had a unique marriage. In the procession, the groom was carrying a hard-bound copy of the Constitution in his hand. Pictures of Gautam Buddha and Ambedkar were placed on the wedding dais.

The guests for the occasion were all treated as witnesses. After this, the bride and groom were administered the oath of the Preamble of the Constitution and the marriage was concluded with the couple resolving to support each other throughout their lives.

Pictures of Gautam Buddha and chief architect of the Constitution Bhimrao Ambedkar were also marked on the wedding invitation letter. Gautam Buddha's messages like Sabbamangalam, Pragya, Sheel, Karuna were also inscribed on the wedding invitation letter.

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