This Bihar govt. office practices yoga everyday

Patna |Saturday, 2020 6:45:05 PM IST
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Meditation results in marvels. Bihar's Electricity Department in Purnia district has adopted that adage as the basic theme of its daily curriculum.

The staff of this department practice yoga amid their busy schedule everyday, which keeps them fresh and energised.

The session starts at 11.30 a.m., soon after the office opens, in the morning and then again at 4 p.m. The department has also released a video video of the six-minute sessions, practiced by the 70 office staff (which includes both employees and officers) in each sitting.

Sitaram Paswan, Superintending Engineer told IANS that this is probably the first office in the country, where yoga is being practiced twice every day amid duty hours.

Crediting Chief Secretary of Bihar Pratik Amrit, Paswan said that it was on his initiative, every worker in the department is enthusiastic to perform yoga everyday.

He also said the sessions have proved very beneficial for the staff, adding that this increased the efficiency of officers and employees.

"Yoga not only keeps people fit, but also brings inner peace as well as concentration in work", the superintending engineer added.

Assistant engineer (civilian) Preeti Kumari also believes that yoga increases efficiency as well as brings concentration, saying that yoga is also very beneficial from a scientific point of view.

Another office staff said that Bihar has always been known for yoga. Munger's Yoga School is an internationally renowned university for teaching and training related to yoga. It is the first Yoga University in the world.

He said that this system should be implemented in all government offices.

Cleanliness has also been emphasised in this office of Purnia electricity department. Single use plastic has been completely banned, and thoses plastic released from shabby machines can also be collected and stored in a separate room.

A variety of messages have been written on office walls to save the environment. To make people environmentally aware, messages like 'Remove plastic, save the environment', 'Our aspiration, environmental protection' and 'Clean nation' have to be made, remove plastic from every house' have also been written on the walls.

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