Japan to employ more foreign manual workers

Tokyo | Thursday, Nov 8 2018 IST
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Japan will plan 'comprehensive measures' by the year-end for welcoming more foreign manual labours from next spring amid a severe labour crunch, Japan's Justice Minister said.

The measures will not only cover new visa statuses to expand the types of foreign workers the country accepts, but also other steps covering foreign nationals in the country in general, Takashi Yamashita, Member of House of Representatives said on Wednesday.

According to the government sources, it plans to accept around 40,000 workers from April, and eventually bring hundreds of thousands of foreign laborers later, reported the Japan Today. In order to accept more foreign blue-collar workers, the government submitted a bill to revise the immigration law with the aim of passing the legislation during the ongoing parliamentary session and introducing the new immigration program in April.

The bill would create two types of residence status for non-Japanese workers for 14 sectors deemed seriously short of labour, ranging from construction and farming to nursing care, due to the rapidly aging population and low birth rate.

The bill marks a major policy shift for Japan, as it has largely restricted imported labor until now. UNI XC JTS 2320

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